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by cassidy mcfadzean



We travelled all day to say hello to the ocean


It was only a plane, then a bus, and then a ferry, and then a bus


                                        Assassin, a Persian practice

Seated on the Pierre, wasn’t it romantic

              when we watched the podcast about colours?


Nothing blue in nature but stones


Calling six months sobriety “a cleanse”

               It’s not a problem; it’s a condition


Sweet as treacle      seated under the trestle     A suite of trellises


We are making flowers speak squeezing the petals together

An onomatopoetic language / Words that evoke a feeling


                                                        In Farsi the past means cruel


Humans, the most pathogenic species on the planet


I watched an animal’s pelt disappear into clover


Invoking our invisible children as spectator sport

                                                       A monkey called maymoon


The most interesting part of architecture is the non-functioning

We crushed the veneer of a robin’s egg

mimulus longiflorus                      The flower our goal


And left when the crowd starting chanting


            TREE / TREE / TREE

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