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Issue 15 Cover Art by Lori Schreiner
"Sprung" by Catherine M. Anderson (Mixed Media Montage, 11x17) 

Issue 16 ~ Summer 2018

Prodigal ~ Lane Falcon
By Scent We Anchor Ourselves ~ Michael Schmeltzer
What Escaped ~ Hannah VanderHart
Ceremony ~ Chelsea Dingman
Glacier Climbing ~ Maggie Blake Bailey
It will have started as a small comb ~ Martha Silano
Some Things to Do with Binoculars ~ Steve Mueske
Restoration ~ John Sibley Williams
Pickled Mangoes ~ Rajani Radhakrishnan
Yesterday the President Said He Loves Us In Barbed Wire ~ Angela Maria Spring
Blackened Tilapia & Citrus ~ Faylita Hicks
Too Much ~ Meghan McClure
On Mission in Haiti ~ Kevin Coyne
Any Other Way Lord ~ Dorianne Laux
Exiled in Palatka, FL ~ Laura Minor
Sprung ~ Catherine M. Anderson
The Cobble's Gait ~ Catherine M. Anderson
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