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Love Letters to The Revolution by Angelique Zobitz Pre-Order (Ships Nov 2 2020)

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Love Letters to The Revolution is a tender exploration of Black American womanhood and girlhood. This collection of poems examines the multiplicity Black womanhood - witness, wonder, witch, goddess, sexual being, creature, mule, and mess. From it emerges inheritance, expectation, and anxiety inextricably entwined in the mother-daughter bond offering reminder that revolutions birth revolutions each day.

'In Love Letters to The Revolution, Angelique Zobitz offers a reckoning that wrecks the heart and heals it again. Examining race and raising a biracial daughter, this necessary collection harkens back to the ancestors, those strong women who have come before, and the powerful mother-voice of these poems speaks wisdom and sometimes painful truths to us readers as she counsels her own daughter: “Girl-child, power-in-waiting, Revolution, / this world will try to cleave you.” These rhythmic, incantatory poems cast a spell of motherlove even as they weave through history and intellectual prowess, and show how our Black and brown daughters are the heart of this world—“I must impress on the daycare staff that this Revolution is our nurtured heart." I love this collection.'

—Jenn Givhan, author of Rosa’s Einstein and Jubilee

'Zobitz’s vital poems are part volcano song, part fierce love letter. We hear in them the voice of the ancient Senegalese river goddess, Mame Coumba Bang, who affirms “There was no god with dominion that made / us goddess.” Zobitz weaves together the voices of powerhouse literary matriarchs like bell hooks, Lucille Clifton, Audre Lorde, and others, into a mantle, a gift for posterity represented by the speaker’s ballet-loving daughter (aka “The Revolution”) who must be raised with tender ferocity. These poems go down like a live coal, and will leave readers full of fiery ache, and the hopeful worry of a parent who, for The Revolution’s sake, still seeks “beauty in this world.” '

—Dayna Patterson, author of If Mother Braids a Waterfall; founding editor-in-chief of Psaltery & Lyre

Angelique Zobitz’s chapbook Love Letters to The Revolution is her first. She is a 2020 Best New Poets nominee, Spring 2019 Black River Chapbook Competition Finalist, and a two-time 2019 Best of the Net nominee. Her work has appeared in The Journal, Sugar House Review, The Adirondack Review, Obsidian: Literature & Arts of the African Diaspora, Yemassee, and many others. Learn more at

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