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by cassidy mcfadzean



The painting of Selinius was satyrical


Why do you write such blasphemy?


            It was Peter, Paul, John, James, &c.


                                       Stagnating is an active verb


Did you see my toppling tree?

I’m painting in a shade only tetrachromats can see


            It was birds, fish, reptiles, some mammals, &c


We stigmatized stigmata

Took to pretence and subterfuge


                                        Rot, a generative process


            The worst thought: a dead-end idea

Our lives were two split-screens before you entered


We burned the effigy

              It was strong, resilient, and iridescent


                                           Mother, dregs or scrum concreted


The sound of your voice became vibrations


             Thrumming against my body

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