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Issue 14 ~ Summer 2017
Sharing Your Content and Information ~ Donavon Davidson 
The Mechanical Hope Contraption ~ Martha Silano
Sweet Boy ~ Lara Egger
For When the Sea Does Not Want You or Your House ~ Amy Sparks
Six Prayers of a Dying Rabbit ~ Lorraine Henrie Lins
At the Top of the Stairs ~ Loren Moreno
Seedlings ~ M. J. Arlett
Ornithophobia, Diffused ~ Carolee Bennett
A Poem With Nothing In It ~ Jules Gibbs
A Friend's Daughter Dies ~ Tina Barry
For When You Need a Colder Power ~ Amy Sparks
The Uncertainty Principle or Birds I Invented in April ~ Jeffrey Morgan
Glitter ~ Lane Falcon
Bomb ~ Matthew Hittinger
Science Bee ~ Ash Bowen
Leash ~ Cyril Wong
The Epileptic's Guide to Time Travel ~ Jeffrey Morgan
Nothing So Austere ~ Steve Mueske
CODA: out of ~ Pamela Johnson Parker
Whispering Dreams II ~ Barbara Danin
Issue 14 Cover Art by Barbara Danin
"Whispering Dreams II" by Barbara Danin (12 x 12 Watercolor)

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