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by leah neiboer




where night will shipwreck

its lonesome line

of stars—


where we ran

once to see what it was like—

being unconstellated—


a boy there

with his jeans drying on a bicycle frame


I’m ancient


like he’d just learned what that word means

and wasn’t someone coming

up out of his body then


they’re gonna put my body in a big fancy box

in the museum

next to the dinosaurs


you know how

he said


like they did in Egypt

he kicked an imaginary wheel

looked up at my face


you’re the moon,

you’re like that too

Leah Nieboer grew up in Iowa. She is a PhD candidate in English and Literary Arts at the University of Denver, an editorial assistant for Denver Quarterly, a graduate of the Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers, and the recipient of a Virginia Center for Creative Arts Fellowship.

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