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                             for SNCC & Dr. King

by trace depass



The corners of a hypercube discern Birmingham from all the SouthSides & edges

meet, whereat I have no concern, even less so in the collapse of years over spine.

Guiltless today I ate of a swine which might consume any black thing, maybe just me


given time. There is no metaphor these days for the -- let’s name it -- “love” of human’s cheese.


There is no human cheese. There is a calf violently yanked for wannabe calf’s milk

whereover RAM would watch, like a shepherd, sheep. There ain't no individual human

in an Adidas line, a stock exchange, but there could be one steering all of this RAM.

Is there then an individual behind this poem? Can there ever just be one?


Habakkuk laments. Jesus wept. The old man splits the seas, yanks their animals dry &

into branded new names. The young dude was an assailant whose face keeps colonizing

scrolls of my IG story. Sound pollution as vivid on my timeline as it is

the air, in the ocean. There are no excuses. I'm too colonized to mind really

the role as an animal I play with other animals. With human/animals

I di(v)e in love with cuttlefish & thought i(?) cuttlefish could name you → each part of you →

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