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The American Poetry Journal Other Great News

Sophie Segura's "Quemadero, or Farewell to a Husband’s Homeland" from APJ Issue 17 was selected for inclusion in Poetry Jukebox's C. S. Lewis installation during February and March 2019, in Belfast, Northern Ireland: Poetry Jukebox.


Hannah VanderHart's poem "What Escaped" from Issue 16 was reprinted at poems2go:

Martha Silano's "It will have started as a small comb" in APJ Issue 16 will appear in Gravity Assist, Martha's fifth poetry collection, forthcoming from Saturnalia Books in March 2019.


Kevin Coyne's "On Mission in Haiti" from Issue 16 won the 2018 North Carolina State University Poetry Contest judged by Marianne Boruch.

Chelsea Dingman's poem "Ceremony" in APJ Issue 16 was selected by Australian poet Anne Casey to be republished in print in the journal of the University of Melbourne on June 9, 2018.


Ruth Thompson's “Lightness, High Desert” from Issue 16 was featured in Winning Writers ( and will be published in Ruth's new book, Whale Fall & Black Sage, from Saddle Road Press December 2018.


Elidio La Torre Lagares' “natural disaster 2: wooden fish ears” from APJ Issue 15 will be published in Elidio's book titled Wonderful Wasteland and Other Natural Disasters, selected by the University Press of Kentucky as their 2019 selection for the New Voices in Poetry Series. 

Cara Dees' "Piccinini's 'The Long Awaited'" from Issue 15 will be included in Cara's debut poetry collection, Exorcism Lessons in the Heartland, which Ada Limón selected for the 2018 Barrow Street Book Prize and is forthcoming in October of 2019.


Tzynya Pinchback's poem "How to shave your head after the first chemotherapy cycle" in APJ Issue 15 will be republished in the Rhythm & Bones Lit Mag YANYR anthology of poetry and creative nonfiction, combating and spreading awareness of sexual assault. 

Pamela Johnson Parker's "CODA: out of" from APJ Issue 14 was published in Pamela's debut poetry book Cleave, from Trio Press; this book won the 2017 Trio Award.

Lorraine Henrie Lins' "Six Prayers of a Dying Rabbit" from Issue 14 is included in Lorraine's newest book, 100 Tipton (Kelsay Books).

Verse Daily's Web Weekly Features

December 3, 2018: "A Body's a Difficult Thing" by Nicole Rollender in Issue 17 

June 4, 2018: "Ceremony" by Chelsea Dingman in Issue 16

December 18, 2017: "Outside" by Jill Alexander Essbaum in Issue 15

June 5, 2017: "Science Bee" by Ash Bowen in Issue 14


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