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About The American Poetry Journal

APJ is looking for an experienced poetry editor who would like to take over the journal as chief editor/publisher.  If you're interested in taking on this role, which will begin in June as a poetry reader, transition to poetry editor in July--that way you'lI be a major part of the poetry selection for the next issue--and . which will begin in August 2019, please email to apply.

The role is what you make of it once you're at the reigns but would definitely begin with the following:

reading poetry with other readers for each issue

choosing poems for each issue


roles as chief editor, poetry reader/editor, publisher, social media/web person, events host (first APJ reading, June 1), etc., etc. :-)  I


I definitely do not want to and will not dissolve APJ's website.  


I wanted to share this with you four ladies since you've been or will be a part of APJ's team, also to ask if you're interested in taking on the role of chief editor/publisher and running the journal to begin in August, after our next  submission period has closed. You could Tzynya, if you're interested in taking over the journal, you're already reading for the next issue--yay!  







Journal & Poetry Editor: Theresa Senato Edwards

Poetry Reader for Issue 18, October 2019: Tzyna Pinchback


Founding Editor: J.P. Dancing Bear


Alumni: Hannah Craig

            Jessica Cuello

            Carolee Bennett


APJ joins VIDA in its pledge to fight sexual misconduct in the literary arts community. 

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