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by eric odynocki


After Tiziano Ferro


This was before she left you.

Somewhere between Ages.


We skimmed the Adriatic’s edge

on that ancient highway, capsuled


in your black Fiat with hands

out the window to grasp tendrils


of summer night air, unbridled

in its softness. Song on repeat


where the closer his search

for her comes to its end, the farther


she steps away; how the world,

in its vessel of time, glides ahead


while she dashes in perpetual

reverse. Perfect soundtrack to our


quiet rebellion, our indulgence

of this loophole in chronology’s


harness, as we hurdled

toward something infinite.

Eric Odynocki is a teacher and writer from New York. His work is often inspired by his experience as a first-generation American of Mexican, Ukrainian, and Jewish descent. Eric's work has been published or is forthcoming in Green Mountains Review, PANK, Magma Poetry, and others.

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